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Step 325: Know how to find the right apartment


From the ole inbox: A friend (or two) of mine and I wanna get our own place. Aside from cost (rent is TOO DAMN HIGH), what do we need to look out for or know?

An excellent question! Here we go:

Before you are ready to move: Make sure to keep an updated document of your current and past…

So helpful!! Thank you!

"Stop talking. Stop talking girl. Write what you have to say. Just like you used to when you wuz little and you got tired of people staring at you while you pushed words out of an unaccommodating mouth."


Sonia Sanchez (via arianathepoet)

What an awesome woman. 

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"And I cried… for all the women who have ever stretched their bodies out anticipating civilization, and finding ruins."

- Sonia Sanchez (via spiritwalks)

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You Are …


W … Wanted
O … Original
N … Natural
D … Dazzling
E … Enough
R … Resourceful
F …. Friendly
U … Unique
L … Loved.

"For those in settler-colonial contexts such as Canada, Palestinian activist Khaled Barakat has an additional message. “We will not see a different Canada on the international scene unless the Canadian state is radically changed internally, on a fundamental level, until there is meaningful decolonization,” he says. “Foreign policy is a reflection of the internal status quo of a country and a society. So for people in Canada to be engaged in the struggle against Israeli settler-colonialism and apartheid, they must also be engaged in the struggle to confront the Canadian colonial settler state.” One of our most common rally slogans is “From Turtle Island to Palestine, occupation is a crime.” Let’s act to end these war crimes at home and abroad."

- Israel, Canada and struggles for decolonization by Harsha Walia (via dirtcityderive)

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